Mt. Hood
For seniors looking for a place to call home, Sandy, Oregon is an ideal city. Located at the foothills of Mt. Hood and just minutes away from Portland, it has plenty to offer in terms of relaxation, recreation, and convenience. Whether you’re already a resident or planning to move soon, this guide will show you all the amazing amenities Sandy has to offer senior citizens.

Relaxation and recreation

Sandy offers plenty of opportunities for relaxation and recreation. There are several parks located around the city offering breathtaking views, as well as walking trails and picnic spots. The city also hosts various events throughout the year such as farmer’s markets and music festivals that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. In addition, there are several golf courses in the area where seniors can practice their swing or take part in tournaments with other local players.

Safety and convenience

When it comes to safety and convenience, Sandy is hard to beat. The city has well-maintained roads, which makes getting around easier for seniors who may have mobility or transportation needs. In addition, there are several shopping centers located within easy distance from most neighborhoods where seniors can purchase groceries or any other necessary items without having to travel far distances. The crime rate in Sandy is also low, adding another layer of comfort for senior residents and their families.

Healthcare and senior living

The healthcare services available in Sandy make it an ideal location for senior living. There are several hospitals located near the city limits providing 24/7 medical attention if needed, while numerous medical clinics provide routine checkups and screenings free of charge or at discounted rates for seniors on fixed incomes. Avamere at Cascadia Village nestled in the heart of Sandy offers independent and assisted living for seniors who want to maintain their active, independent lifestyle with the amenities and services for life made easier.

Independent living is a great way for seniors to enjoy the best of both worlds. It combines the benefits of living in your own home with the amenities and services available at a senior living community. Residents are able to enjoy their freedom, while also having access to on-site staff who can provide assistance when needed.

Assisted living is an option for seniors who need assistance with their daily activities such as bathing, dressing and grooming, or medication management. Residents can enjoy their independence and interests, while having access to a specialized care team. As each individual is unique, so is their care plan at Avamere at Cascadia Village.

Sandy, the ideal retirement destination

Sandy, Oregon is an ideal location for senior citizens looking for a place to call home. With its relaxed atmosphere and wide variety of amenities such as parks and recreational activities, ample shopping options and convenient transportation routes, as well as top-notch health care services available nearby – it’s no wonder why so many seniors choose Sandy as their retirement destination! Whether you’re already a resident or considering moving here soon – we hope this guide gives you a better idea about what life in Sandy holds!